Georgee Talkbox - Artis Info

Georgee Talkbox started out as a talented Singer in the late 70's and worked with Artists like Donna Summer as well as with Horace Brown, Blackstreet, Joe, The Stylistics, 112, Sisqo and Solange Knowles.


His music range goes from Soul to Funk, from Balads to Jazz and to he even worked 5 Years as  a profesional Musical Solist and Jazz Piano Player.

In the late 90's his Love to Funk Style connected him to the Electric Boogaloos and especially Popin Pete and Mr. Wiglles are suporting his music all over the world. 

Also the late Roger Troutman and Stevie Wonder gave him the right advices for bringing his music to the next Level. 

Georgee was also known as a Funk Style Dance Choreographer and founder of a famous European Funk Style Dance Academy.

He is playing the Talkbox since 1994 and produces his own Music since 1990.

His Music Influences are Stevie wonder, Roger Troutman and Zapp, Brian McKnight, The Gap Band, The Whispers, Earth Wind and Fire.


Georgee started his Musical Journey at the age of 8 and won more than 50 Singing Contests till he was 11 Years old.

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Georgee the Chorographer

Georgee's Wedding in 2010, with his Babygirl Wendy and Wife India

Together with his Son Teemo and Wife India